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About me

My Story

It was the experiences in my work and personal life that led me to develop a passion for studying sports psychology and psychotherapy. My initial motivation to further my interest developed while I was playing professional football.

During a 12-year playing career, I witnessed the damaging effects that players endured not only whilst they were playing but also after they retired, by dealing with issues that impacted their mental and emotional states. With a natural ability and intuition for identifying when people are struggling with mental anguish, it was a no-brainer for me to move into this field once I retired.

My Approach

The aim of my counseling is to empower my clients through the development of a trusting relationship where they can feel safe enough to be themselves without fear of criticism or judgment and provide a confidential environment for them to explore their feelings safely and the areas of their life, both past and present, that are causing distress.

This can be a very liberating experience, enabling you to grow in confidence, and begin to make changes in your life, should you wish to do so. The experience of being truly heard and valued by another can, in itself, be very healing. How we work together is very much about you as an individual and what you need from me as your counselor. I adapt and tailor my integrative approach to best support and suit your needs, wants, and expectations.

“Take a chance on yourself. Your happiness is worth it”


I also offer specialised sports psychotherapy

I work with a range of sports clients – both elite and amateur professionals from a variety of sporting backgrounds including football, swimming, athletics, cycling, golf, and tennis, amongst others.

Any issues that are affecting their everyday lives, from sports performance, burnout, and managing depression and anxiety, to coping with retirement/transitioning away from the sport. 


Manchester, United Kingdom


T: 07891 323333

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