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My role as your therapist is to help you to explore the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are often related to your current/past life experiences. I offer you the opportunity to reflect on what is happening in your world and for me to support you therapeutically to explore different ways of coping and dealing with emotional issues, that impact negatively on your life and to family and friends that are dear to you. 

Perspective is so important. Sometimes the way we see things isn’t the reality of what the outcome is. When feeling low we often think about the worst-case scenario which then leads us to focus on the negatives. This impacts our daily functioning and productivity

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Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis (TA) was introduced by Eric Berne in the early 1960s as a way of examining communication. He concluded that the human personality was made up of three “ego states”, Parent, Adult and Child. Each ego state is a system of thoughts; feelings and behaviours from which we interact with one another and the interaction between them form the basis of TA theory.

Using this technique helps me to recognise how and why a client has arrived at their present state of mind, shaped by their experiences, especially those from their childhood. This helps shed light and understanding upon problematic feeling and habits, which can then be changed to achieve better outcomes. Through TA psychotherapy, I will help you find ways to solve your current problems with useful everyday tools, which can be used to find future solutions, so that you can maintain independent control over your life in the future.

My approach

The aim of my counselling is to empower my clients through the development of a trusting relationship where you can feel safe enough to be yourself without fear of criticism or judgement and provide a confidential environment for you explore your feelings safely and the areas of your life, both past and present, that are causing distress.


This can be a very liberating experience, enabling you to grow in confidence, and begin to make changes in your life, should you wish to do so. The experience of being truly heard and valued by another can, in itself, be very healing. How we work together is very much about you as an individual and what you need from me as your counsellor. I adapt and tailor my integrative approach to best support and suit your needs, wants and expectations.


Take a chance on yourself. Your happiness is worth it. 

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