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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Manchester

It isn’t often, in our everyday lives, that we feel truly heard, understood and accepted without sensing judgement or criticism from others.

You are the expert in your own life, but sometimes we may lose our way, and a fresh perspective and a safe space can help you navigate a new path. 

Therapy offers you a calm and private space to begin to tell your story; permission to pause and reflect on what you have been through, validate your response to trauma and loss and gently navigate the path forward. 

neal trotman psychotherapy

About Neal Trotman

Hi, I’m Neal.

I am a BACP registered psychotherapist in Manchester.

I have a passion for helping helping people deal with the negative emotions, mental struggles including depression, trauma, low self-esteem, anger and relationship issues.

I create a safe environment for you to explore difficult or challenging emotions, freely at your own pace. Where you feel disconnection in your life, I work openly and sensitively to re-connect you to yourself. 

How I Can Help You

Improve Your Mindset

Having a strong mindset is essential to developing a healthy self-esteem and it is an important tool that affects our daily dialogue and reinforces our most intimate beliefs.

Make Better Decisions

Identifying what it is you might be doing that is hindering the opportunity to move forward. To be in control and have an understanding of where it is you need to get too.

Find Your Own Identity

Knowing who you are and being familiar with your emotions when high and low gives you a balanced and healthier approach to make the right decisions for you.

Break Down Mental Obstacles

Having the opportunity to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are often related to your current/past life experiences.

Reach Out To Me

Starting therapy can be very anxiety provoking, so I offer a free initial telephone consultation to get an understanding of your current life circumstances, which will help me to decide on the most appropriate approach to meet your needs. This will give us the opportunity to develop our counselling relationship and start the process of getting you back to full health.

I conduct my sessions in a variety of ways, which-ever works best for you, either over the phone, online via Zoom, face-to-face, or walking therapy. 

Please get in touch for information regarding fees. 

I'd love to hear from you

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