About Me

It was the experiences in my work and personal life that led me to develop a passion to study in sports psychology and psychotherapy.

My initial motivation to further my interest developed whilst I was playing professional football.

During a 12-year playing career I witnessed the damaging effects that players endured not only whilst they were playing but also after they retired, by dealing with issues that impacted their mental and emotional states.

With a natural ability and intuition for identifying when people are struggling with mental anguish it was a no brainer for me to move into this field once I retired.


Individuals and Couples therapy in Manchester

As a psychotherapist, I actively contribute to improving people’s lives and help them overcome issues in a positive and effective way.

Empathy and understanding are two qualities that I possess and that I draw upon abundantly when working with clients.

By drawing on my own past experiences I can offer real and proven tools and skillsets to treat others with emotional distress, whether it be from past traumas, racial bias, cultural differences, and societal factors, and many other issues.